This is a cool, and HTF "knockoff" of the Breyer Brahma Bull model. Made by the Ezra Brooks Co in 1971... This guy is in incredible condition for his age. No Chips, Cracks or other damage! He does have some "overspray" on his right eye, and a flaw in the ceramic of his right horn, but these are flaws that were a part of his making, not repairs or flaws that occurred AFTER his finishing. His stickers are mostly in tact... with the exception of the one on his hip; it shows some minor wear. His only "damage", is the fact that his cork is almost completely broken. His head will rest on his shoulders, but given the angle, stickywax or putty must be used to insure that his head does not fall off. This is an easy fix, however; as replacement corks can be found at any hobby store. But I will leave that up to his new owner. Discounts will be given for purchase of multiple decanters! $10 off for the purchase of 2... and $20 for the purchase of all 3!!! I'd love them to stay together!